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Nitrox Specialty (EANx)

This PADI specialty class will teach you how to use Nitrox, an abbreviation for Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN). Nitrox is any mixture of nitrogen and oxygen that has a higher ratio of oxygen to nitrogen than air normally does (20.9% oxygen to 79.1% nitrogen). This allows the diver to go on longer dives more frequently without the limits of decompression sickness and normal air. Nitrox does have some dangers though, including oxygen poisoning and increased risk of fire or explosion. Our Nitrox class will make sure that you can safely dive within the recreational Nitrox gas combinations and how to make sure that your gear is ready for Nitrox so that you can have a great time diving.


Our class involves a small amount of home study work and approximately three hours spent in the classroom.   Group classes are the all new low price of $49. per person, which covers the class, your materials, and your Nitrox card are not included.

Nitrox Class Dates

Class Dates
6 PM-8pm
Jan 9th
Feb 6th

Mar 7th Wed

Apr 3rd
May 1st
June 5th
July 10th
Aug 7th
please call if the above dates
do not fit your schedule