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If it has been a while since you have been in the water, the SCUBA Skills Update course will refresh your memory and your skills. You will spend 2-2.5 hours reviewing equipment assembly and break down, and honing your diving skills back to a razor sharp edge in our heated pool with one of our professional instructors.

There is a self-study booklet and a DVD that are studied prior to your refresher. The course fee includes the SCUBA Skills Update and use of our SCUBA equipment if you do not have your own. You will need to have your own personal mask, fins, and snorkel for the class. If you do not already own these items, our professional staff will help you select the equipment that is right for you.

Please bring a bathing suit and towel in addition to your personal equipment. Your Log Book will be updated to reflect your Update and please bring your Certification card. The course price is $75. The price for a private Update is $125.

Scuba Skills Update Schedule

Aug 26th 10:00 AM
Sept 2nd 10:00am
Sept 9th 10:00am
Sept 16th 10:00 AM
Sept 23rd 10:00 AM
Sept  30th 10:00 AM
Oct 7th 10:00 AM
 Oct 14th 10:00 AM

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