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We consider rescue skills to be an essential part of any diver’s education. The SSI Stress & Rescue Course builds confidence by making you comfortable with your ability to assess and handle diving emergencies. Equally as important, Stress & Rescue explains the factors that contribute to diving emergencies, and how to identify and avoid them all together. Even if you are comfortable with your ability to keep yourself out of trouble, knowing what to do in an emergency situation may save another diver’s life some day.

There is a self-study text and study questions that are completed prior to course work. The course consists of classroom and CPR work on Friday night, classroom and pool work on Saturday, and two ocean dives on Sunday. The course price is $300 plus a $50 student kit. Prerequisites: You do not need to be current in CPR/First Aid to take the course, but it is required for certification.



The next Stress and Rescue course will be held March 16 - 18 and June 15-17, 2012.