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Learn to dive with the professionals at the Marin Diving Center. We offer the PADI Openwater Certification Course, an internationally recognized diver certification program that we consider to be the finest in the world.. Our instructors teach courses that are fun, but also stress the techniques needed to become a safe and comfortable diver. If you are in good health and free from heart and lung problems, you can learn to SCUBA dive.


THE Marin Diving Center Difference

Our training program involves a home study system which utilizes online training, text books, study guides, and DVDs to thoroughly prepare our students in the academics of diving, minimizing classroom hours, and allowing our instructors to concentrate on pool training.  Our pool and ocean sessions use the finest equipment available. The latest in dive computers and weight integrated buoyancy compensators are used exclusively to make your training more comprehensive and your dives more enjoyable and safe.


Class Descriptions


Open Water – If you want to become an PADII certified diver, this class is for you! This class will teach you all the basics of diving, including how to use diving equipment, buoyancy control, adapting to the underwater environment, use dive computers, and most importantly, how to be safe when you're diving.


SCUBA Skills Update – If you plan on diving on your upcoming vacation, but you haven't been diving in the past year, many resorts will require that you have a SCUBA skills update to make sure that you remember everything necessary to stay safe while diving. This class is also great for people who haven't been diving in a long time and need a quick refresher or want to familiarize themselves with new advances in SCUBA.


Try Scuba - Thinking about getting certified, but not sure if diving is for you? Then come to one of our weekend Try Scuba events, where you can experience breathing underwater in the comfort of our heated pool. You will get an introduction to how the dive equipment works and how to conduct yourself underwater so that you can decide if SCUBA diving is something you want to pursue.


Specialty Diver (Advanced) – Ready to take your Open Water certification to the next level? Specialty training takes you beyond the basic skills and prepares you to dive in a variety of situations and conditions, increasing your confidence and making you a more comfortable and safer diver. New skills such as navigation, underwater photography, deep diving, or night diving broaden your diving experience, increase your appreciation for the underwater world, and are a whole lot of fun!


EANx (Nitrox) – Learn to dive with higher concentrations of oxygen than found normally in air. This allows for longer dive times and reduces the risk of decompression sickness without increasing the need for safety stops. The class will focus on making sure that you get the maximum bottom time while learning how to deal with potential oxygen toxicity.


Rescue Diver – This class gives you the ability to assess and handle diving emergencies. A must for frequent divers, Stress and Rescue explains the factors that contribute to diving emergencies, and how to identify and avoid them all together. Even if you are comfortable with your ability to keep yourself out of trouble, knowing what to do in an emergency situation may save another diver’s life some day.





If there is a class that you're interested in taking but don't see here, just give us a call at 415-479-4332!

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