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Open Water Diver training is designed to give you the basic knowledge and skills needed to explore the underwater environment. Specialty training takes you beyond those basic skills and prepares you to dive in a variety of situations and conditions, while increasing your confidence, making you a more comfortable and safer diver. New skills such as navigation, peak performance buoyancy, deep diving or night diving broaden your diving experience, increase your appreciation for the underwater world and are a whole lot of fun! Under the guidance of a Marin Diving Center instructor, learn these skills with safety and confidence.

Most Specialty Courses consist of a self-study text, short exam and two dives.

PADI's Specialty Diver Program is designed to be taken right after the Open Water Course. Select the speicalty that you are interested in and start today. 

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Altitude Diving

Boat Diving

Deep Diving

Drysuit Diving

Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN)

Equipment Techniques

Wreck Diving

Marine Fish ID


Night Diving

Search and Recovery

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Rescue Diver

Underwater Photography

Advanced Open Water

Underwater Spearfishing
and Hunting

Technical Diving


Nitrox Class Dates

Class Dates
6 PM-8pm
Feb 7th
Mar 7th
Apr 4th
May 2nd

June 6th

July 11th
Aug 1st
Sept 5th
Oct 3rd
Dec 12th
please call if the above dates
do not fit your schedule